Why I want to be the “Chipotle” of Direct Marketing

Last August I wanted to have a team lunch with my employees to celebrate the success of a large complicated campaign we had just executed and to have some fun as the summer was coming to an end.  I didn’t want to do pizza or sandwiches I was looking for something unique and delicious.  A friend of mine suggested Chipotle Mexican Grill and a bucket of Corona’s, right away I thought “that sounds like a lot of fun.”  I had never eaten at a Chipotle but knew of them and had seen their “Back to the Start” viral video about sustainable farming here.

I Googled the closest location to the office which was Shops at Don Mills and immediately called and spoke with the manager on duty.  Right from the start it was a super enjoyable experience.  The manager, Nataraj Sunharam, was knowledgeable, patient and not afraid to put his 2 cents in on what I should order for the group.  We spent quite a bit of time on the phone as I micro-managed every piece of the order.  He then said “I’m going to throw in a ton of extra chips, guacamole and sauces for your group to enjoy. “ The entire ordering experience was so easy and just as we were finishing he said “I’m also going to take an additional 15% off your order as a thank you for giving us this opportunity to cater your lunch.”  

Two days later I arrived at Shops at Don Mills to pick up my order.  Not only was it ready on time but it was assembled perfectly in four beautiful brown rope handle bags, very easy for me to take back to the car in one trip.   When I got back to the office the order was perfect, nothing was missed and there were tons of little extras included along with plenty of cutlery and napkins.

I thought to myself “this is the exact experience I want my clients to have when they work with Marketing Kitchen.”   I realize executing direct mail and fulfillment campaigns with multiple splits and components may be a bit more complicated than making a killer burrito but there is no reason to not have clients walk away from every project with the same gratified feeling I had with Chipotle.  

If you have time watch the 20 minute Netflix documentary on Chipotle, or click on a few of the videos posted on their website. The little bit of research I did on the company once again showed me how important a positive culture is to the success of any business. 

Happy and fulfilled employees make for happy and fulfilled customers!