Getting Social in 2015

Hard to believe 2015 has arrived.  I’m excited about the year ahead and I am ready to set some 2015 goals.  First on the list is to become more “social”.  And by that I mean more active in social media.  So, what better place to start than by blogging on a regular basis on my website.

 2014 was a really crazy year for me.  I quit a job that I loved to start my own business, bought the assets of Yvelo Maling Services, moved Yvelo from Scarborough to Markham, hired their amazing employees, found some more amazing employees and then topped the year off with buying my first big piece of equipment a new digital press!

 If I were to look back at the  goals I set for 2014 (see below), I have a .750 batting average, which I am thrilled with.

  • Quit my job and own my own business - check
  • Not go out of business - check
  • Work close to home - check
  • Eat healthier and workout more - carrying this one over to 2015

I did actually try to start blogging in July but my friend Heidi, who is a social media guru (@SneidiTee),said it was blah and I have to agree it was totally blah. So I deleted the posts, took her blogging advice and have decided to start fresh in 2015.  My plan is to make the blog funny, relevant, informative and with any luck each blog will contain all three. 

 But before I sign off my first blog I will let you in on my other goal for 2015.  I want to create a service model that is almost near perfect, if not perfect.  We have begun to build a system that ensures every job goes out on time, clients expectations are always managed and exceptional quality is bar none. I believe we have the right team and processes in place to do it.

 Next blog the skinny on the new Canada Post changes – the good, the bad and the ugly……

What good is having a belly if there’s no fire in it.  Wake up, drink your passion, light a match, and get to work.
— Simon Sinek.