Meet The Team


Janice Dumphie


With over 20 years' experience in the direct marketing industry, Janice is a dinosaur – but kinda like a new age fun dinosaur. But you know everything old is new again, right? She loves tackling a marketing challenge and being in from the ground up at the 'ideas' and 'problem solving' stage. With her experience and savvy business acumen, Janice can bring a fresh viewpoint and critical thinking to any challenge.

Janice learned from the best after spending 17 years at The FSA Group. With Marketing Kitchen’s commitment to innovation and simple solutions, Janice fits in perfectly.

Fiercely committed to her clients, Janice recognizes that service is the big differentiator.

When not in the kitchen, Janice can be spotted in hockey arenas and dance studios around the province (not her natural habitat). When her 2 teenage kids don’t need her, she and her husband enjoy hanging out in their hood – in Bloor West.